RISEN Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd is a design, production and sales as one company. Located in “China Educational Toy Industrial Base”---Wenzhou, where is the Industrial cluster with convenient transportation.
우리의 주요 제품은 야외 놀이터 장비, indoor play toys, naughty castle, fitness, swing, seesaw, 스프링 라이더,rubber etc., which are used for school, kindergarten, community,park,shopping mall etc.. We have got ISO14001:2004, IOS9001,SG, CE, ASTM. Our products are sold to Europe, American, The Middle East, Austria, Southeast Asia and all around the world.
RISEN has 10 years experience of 놀이터 장비, we comply with standard (EN1176. SII, etc.) strictly from design to production. As per to client’s area and concept, we will supply overall design plan, control the quality ,arrange fast delivery, give installation guidance and patient after-sales service. To give you one -stop service. To save your time.
상승 always provide you with qualified products, professional suggestion and solution, serve the society , create a better future.  Let’s grow up together.


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Born from the idea that bring more joyful memories to children, Risen was launched. We has been selling playground equipment products to more than 50 countries for over 10 years. Risen has also won the recognition of many customers by high quality products and reliable service.
Risen에서는 혁신적인 디자인과 안전한 놀이 환경을 함께 활용합니다. 시장의 관심을 끌고 유사한 디자인을 피하기 위해 우리 디자이너들은 기존 환경을 기반으로 다양한 기능을 결합한 독특한 디자인을 만듭니다. 완벽한 놀이터를 만들고, 모든 안전 지침을 준수하고, 창의적인 과정을 통해 고객을 단계별로 이끄는 동시에 프로젝트를 시간과 예산 내에서 유지하는 능력은 우리의 사명이자 성공의 기초입니다.
Children are the future,we love what we do to bring joy to children by creating equipment that fosters social, intellectual and physical growth. Our passion for play comes through in everything we do. Keeping a happy and safe environment for children is our original intention and determination. Risen’s goal is to grow up with children and all customers together.


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